Frequently Asked Questions…

Do you have a store or showroom I can visit?   No. We do not have a store as we are web-based only.  We offer our customers the ability to see our jewelry prior to fabrication through our "try before you buy" program.  You can receive a demonstration ring to try on your finger prior to ordering any cubic zirconia or gemstone ring in your ring size.  You can also receive a sample of moissanite stones prior to ordering a moissanite ring setting to view the brilliance and fire of this stone as it compares to a diamond.  To learn more about the "try before you buy" program, please visit: TRY A RING ON

 How long does it take to process my order?   Most of the engagement and wedding rings are made to order and can take up to approximately 14-20 business days from the date of your order to ship.  If you are ordering jewelry which is in stock and immediately available, we will notify you via email, and your order will ship within 3-5 business days.  *Any custom designed engagement, wedding rings or other custom jewelry design, will take a longer period of time, approximately 20-30 business days. 

 What is your return policy? The return policy on all jewelry is 30 days from date of receipt. If you are dissatisfied with your item for any reason you can return your items to us with any shipment carrier as long as it is insured for the value of the item (s). The return address will be included on your invoice in your packaging.  Once your jewelry is received by us, we will process the return/refund/exchange and notify you via email. It may take 5-7 business days for a refund to credit your account used when making payment. (Custom Designs are non-refundable)  More information can be found on the return policy page; 

 How will I know when my order ships? My Faux Diamond will email you regarding the progress of your order, including shipment status. You will receive a tracking number from our preferred shipping partner, The US Postal Service. All jewelry is shipped insured via USPS priority mail. 

How are the prices on your jewelry determined? Depending on which item you are looking for, from engagement rings to earrings, My Faux Diamond tries to offer you the lowest prices available today.  We are a small, family run business which also allows us to mark down a majority of our items in comparison to other online jewelry stores.  The 5A rated cubic zirconia collection's prices are determined through a formula which is based upon a $100 per carat rate, as well as the metal choice cost of either sterling silver and/or 10, 14 or 18 karat gold and platinum. The setting you choose may also affect the cost, as the more detailed the setting, the more labor intensive it may be, the higher the price. All moissanite, Forever Brilliant and Amora Moissanite jewelry pieces carry a MSRP set by their manufacturers. Again, as a small, family owned jewelry business, we can mark down the MSRP considerably in comparison to other jewelry retailers who sell the exact settings by the same manufacturers, but at a higher cost to you.  We try to always offer you the lowest possible prices available today by researching the jewelry market constantly and making mark downs where we can!  Learn more about moissanite:

What is Moissanite? About Moissanite

What is the difference between cubic zirconia and moissanite?  Moissanite vs. Cubic Zirconia

Do you offer re-setting services to place your stones in my existing setting?  No. My Faux Diamond does not offer any jewelry setting services for your own jewelry.   We do offer a collection of moissanite loose stones which you can purchase to have placed into your own setting by any reliable jeweler.  The settings we offer cannot be purchased without a stone, but you can have any of our settings set with your own stones by a reliable jeweler. 

 Do you offer international shipping? Yes, My Faux Diamond can ship internationally, All necessary international taxes are to be paid by the buyer in their prospective country. Due to recent fraud incidents with international credit cards, we will only accept PayPal for a method of payment for any international purchases. Please email us at info@myfauxdiamond.com for more information. 

 Can I custom design my engagement ring setting? Yes, My Faux Diamond does offer complete custom design services for engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding ring sets, or any fine piece of jewelry.  Any stone in combination can be used together in gold or platinum. For more information, please contact our jewelry design staff at designer@myfauxdiamond.com. 

Can I change an existing ring setting I see on your site? If you would like to make a change to an existing setting on the My Faux Diamond site, this can include changing the stone color or the carat size of the stones, please email us at: designer@myfauxdiamond.com and we will review your request. Not all requests can be accommodated, but we will do our best to create the setting you prefer. 

Can I design my own jewelry or do you offer custom design on all jewelry? Yes. My Faux Diamond offers custom design services on all jewelry items including engagement and wedding rings, earrings and bracelets.  Our design staff can use any photo or illustration to recreate the jewelry you are looking for.  We offer custom design ONLY on gold or platinum settings in any imitation stone including cubic zirconia, created gemstones, or moissanite.  If you would like to learn more about our custom design please email our jewelry design staff at designer@myfauxdiamond.com.

 What is the Try Before You Buy program/Demonstration Ring? We know purchasing a wedding or engagement ring online can be a challenge.  Therefore we offer our customers the ability to receive up to two demonstration rings of their choice to view before processing their actual ring order.  You may choose up to two cubic zirconia gold ring settings and select "yes" for the demonstration ring under options.  You will then be charged for the ring(s) with all the options you would select to purchase the ring (gold karat weight, gold color, stone color, stone size, etc) We then ship you the one or two demonstration rings which are a sterling silver identical copy of the ring you wish to purchase in gold in a standard ring size of 7. You may keep the demonstration rings up to 14 business days to view and decide if you wish to purchase or cancel your gold ring setting order.  Do not remove any tags which accompany the demonstration ring or it CANNOT be returned to us.  Once you mail the demonstration rings back to us, we either place your order for the setting you prefer, or refund you 100%.  Currently this option is available only for Gold Cubic Zirconia Wedding and Engagement Rings.  To learn more; Try Before You Buy! or email us at; info@myfauxdiamond.com

Is my information safe on your website? My Faux Diamond takes your data and internet security very seriously.  In order to insure your security when shopping with us, we took the highest online shopping security measures. We have contracted our website's security with GeoTrust with their highest online security protection available, Geo Trust Extended Validation SSL:

"Extended Validation SSL achieves the highest level of consumer trust through the strictest authentication standards of any SSL certificate. Extended Validation verification guidelines require GeoTrust to obtain and verify multiple pieces of identifying information abo ut Extended Validation Certificate Approver." GeoTrust

We DO NOT sell, share or use your information for any other marketing or sales promotions to any other company. For more information please email us at info@myfauxdiamond.com.